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“We’ve been patients of Dr. Arndt’s for many years. We are now planning our retirement overseas and wondering how can we continue our regular visits? The friendly professionalism of the entire staff and Dr. Arndt is unusual. They harken to a bygone era. The office is very comfortable and all procedures are conducted in a most gentle and respectful manner. When an emergency situation arises, they just take care of you. You know you are in good hands. We will miss our dentist! How many people can say that!? We can, with confidence and sincerity.”

-Susan 10/8/22


“I'm so glad I discovered Dr. Arndt's practice. Everyone in his office did all they could to give me a positive experience and they succeeded. The cleaning, x-rays and Dr. Arndt's exam were thorough but gentle and each person was so kind, I look forward to my next visit! He has earned all the positive reviews, and impresses me as someone you can trust with your dental health.”

-Dee 9/9/22


“Dr Arndt has been my dentist since 1996 when I moved to Seattle. His office is efficient, and has provided excellent care for a client with special needs. Over the years, I have had regular cleanings, fillings, crowns, whitening and preventative dental care, all at the expert hands of he and his staff.”

-Patricia 9/7/22


“What puts this dental care provider above all others is the coaching and education tailored to my individual needs to give me the best oral health I've ever experienced. I'm truly impressed with every member of the staff and the care they have given to each appointment.”

-Jerry 5/21/22


"Dr. Arndt and his team (shoutout to Monica!) are so wonderful that I somehow look forward to going to the dentist. From the compassionate treatment and transparency starting at the front desk, to the quality of dental care, my teeth have never been healthier. Not once have I felt pain during any procedure (including fillings) and my routine cleanings are thorough and…dare I say fun?! Undoubtedly the best dentist I have ever had"

- Christina, 10/24/21


"One of the best things about moving to Seattle was finding Queen Anne Dentistry. I have never met a more caring group of medical staff in Dr Arndt, Leticia, Sue, Monica, and the rest of team. They have been incredibly accommodating to all of my needs. Despite any apprehensiveness I previously had about visiting dentists, now I actually look forward to my visits, knowing that I'm going to be in great hands."

- Seshi, 9/23/21


"Have become a recent patient of Dr. Arndt after the retirement of my previous very good dentist. Dr.Arndt and his staff/office are even better. Have had much dental work over the years, having had the good fortune of very good dental work. This office is very professional, caring, and loaded with good cheer which all serve to make the experience totally worthwhile. I recommend this practice very highly."

- Tom, 9/21/21


"Dr. Arndt is someone who you can tell really loves his craft. He is very friendly, patient, and humble. There is zero ego. Every visit I've had with him has far exceeded any dentist visit anywhere else. The staff are equal parts patient and accommodating. The amazing reviews speak for themselves."

-Erik, 8/10/21

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1911 Queen Anne Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 284-3780